Injuries Treated

We provide a thorough "hands" on assessment of the problem and provide a treatment programme of self treatment, exercise as well as manual and electrotherapy treatments. We can also use Acupuncture for pain relief as well as the TENs units as used by pain clinics

Common complaints treated:
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  1. Sports injuries: muscles ligaments joints haematomas...
  2. Spinal: neck back sciatica lumbago "trapped nerve"
  3. Occupational injuries: repetitive strain injury golfer''s elbow tennis elbow frozen shoulder
  4. Whiplash
  5. Osteoarthritis
  6. Post orthopaedic surgery knee arthroscopy etc.
  7. Post fracture/dislocations

For other problems please phone or email for advice about possible treatment


"I’m writing to say thanks – as per the times I’ve visited the clinic for other injuries, the treatment I’ve received on this occasion has again been first class. Not only am I made to feel relaxed and am well looked after, but it’s helpful having the cause and extent of my injuries fully explained to me, whilst talking through how the treatment I receive and strategies you give me going forward actually underpin my recovery and enable me to prevent any reoccurrence.
Hope I don’t have to see you again soon (!), but if / when I do, I know I’ll be in good hands – literally." 
DL, Director Recruitment Company.